Twice revived, Genesis now walks the world trying to redeem himself. Looking for love in all the wrong places.

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Significant Other: Lirien Aria
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[Im fairly certain the last one is Dark Link. Still epic cosplay though]

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"You can’t ship more than two char-"


"That’s not cano-"


"Those two characters would never even mee-"


"They aren’t ga-"


"You have to rp with me, our characters are together in the-"


"You can’t get on this starship to Fhloston Paradise-"




You punk ass little, giving me a letter instead of a number. You are lucky I like your puck ass. All the way back when I first started with my first oc, you have followed me and all my adventures. Though I know absolutely nothing about you as a person aside from a name, I know you have a great heart.

Dont change man, and though we dont interact too much, I will follow your characters as well in any journeys they go one. One of these days I have to bring out my pokemon blog again.


Alright. Not that you people will know who this is, but this person was one of my first senpais here. The writing, her grasp of character, the overall completeness of every single character this mun has is just art come to life. Anyone who had their hands in her canon characters would be so proud to know they are being represented by this wonderful and fabulous person

I am usually a stalker of pages. I admit it, and it all started with this one. I love watching the words flow like images in my head and the scene portrayed as if animated. You are amazing. You as a person, both inside of this website and out are just amazing. Your spark of life is truly awesome and though I have never met you in person and I know next to nothing about your aside from what you share here, I know you are one of the best people to ever grace this forsaken rock and I am forever thankful to follow you and talk to you as I do.

This person, should they ever leave tumblr, would devastate me to no end. Never leave me senpai ;A;


Ahhhh. You are on the list of people that, if I could just teleport to, would get the snuggles from hell. Id cuddle you into submission for just how awesome you are. You are one of my favorite video game females, you portray them so well and I am so very happy of the day that I followed you. 

Holy jazz, when you came back I could not stop bouncing. You are seriously one of my favorite rpers of that character ever and i long for the day I get one of my characters to mesh with yours. You will forever have a follower in me, and I will always be there if anyone hassles ya. 

So yea, never leave without telling me, or I will be that little puppy in the rain waiting for you to come back ok? ok. -nods-


Well, for the longest time I would sit and watch your role playing because of a few reasons. I loved your character but I know next to nothing about Kingdom Hearts. You as a mun lured me in and once we started to mingle I got to not only know you but your character.

Needless to say, Genesis became addicted and I found myself a new rp partner. Even though we hardly interact anymore, I still read anything you put out because ;A; 

So yea, stalker of threads you have and i can not wait to pick up again

Mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post talking about you

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