Twice revived, Genesis now walks the world trying to redeem himself. Looking for love in all the wrong places.

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Significant Other: Lirien Aria
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Send me § and my muse will react to yours pushing them against a wall and kissing them.

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If your muse saw my muse naked what would you do?


I’m pretty sure you know what he would do.

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Advanced technology my ass. Not everyone even has the heart glow because they need to torture the specimens as to perfect it. ShinRa based technology, after some rather immoral DNA study, found the exact way to find a person’s soul mate and exploit the general fears of their peers and lessers to get this implant.

Of course they would call in their pets. We would be hard press to die and we are already less than human, so who cares if we die. Genesis thought this as he found himself in a modified mako chamber, waiting for the last installment of the mildly radioactive dye to his body to illuminate the heart when the soul mate was near.

Screams filled the air, the reddish dye flowing through the tubes as the mako infused it to his heart. The few moments of agony felt like an eternity, left hanging by cords inside the liquid. The dye burned, like the worst case of heartburn amplified an untold amount of times.

I feel bad for the first subjects of this. Genesis once again thought, coughing a little blood up as a side effect of the transfusion. It was then his brother and his betrothed walked by. The feeling ignited, and soon the scientists wondered what that could mean, not knowing that was the intended effect of this test.

Sephiroth left, and Crisis came into the lab, the glowing become more and more vibrant in his chest. Well, it could be worse. At least I know I fell in love with the right woman, just at the wrong time.

Perhaps I was not meant to find such a love. Genesis thought to himself, walking in the strange universe that was a lot like his own. There were people sharing their love with the hearts glowing red, happily sharing their life with their soul mate. Monsters never do find love I guess.

When all of a sudden, his heart started to pulse, ever so faintly, the color red. She is near…. Playing hot and cold with his vital organ, the red mage began looking around his area. Looking for the woman who must be, at this point, looking for the same. Frantically he started to move as the pulse would get stronger and fainter.

The red mage felt his body becoming faint, the excitement of finding his soul mate mere moments away. His eyes were so focused on his chest that he would constantly batter into people, though when the heart began to glow it was understood this would happen. Enthusiasts began to follow the well known SOLDIER, wondering who would finally pair with the man.

Genesis stopped, his heart a full and knowing glow. When he would look up he would see his destined love, and as he did the female resembled himself. He did not really see anything else that would lead him to suggest it was another universe of him, instead Genesis took the female’s hand and kissed it. “My love, we finally meet.”

[give the ” “, im going to assume its Freia to Gen, given that this was a mun to mun thing.]

"Such a shame you are still allergic"

Imagine when you find your soulmate, your heart starts to glow red. Send me “♥” for my muses reaction to it happening when our muses meet.



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Send me ‘I want the K’ and I’ll generate a number (NSFW version)

  • 1: Neck Nibble
  • 2: Nipple Nibble
  • 3: Licking Whipped Cream Off Body
  • 4: Sucking A Body Part
  • 5: Kiss With Tongue
  • 6: Inner-thigh Kiss
  • 7: Scratches
  • 8: Hair pulling
  • 9: Jawline biting
  • 10: Belly-button Kiss
  • 11: Tongue teasing
  • 12: Striptease
  • 13: Groping body part
  • 14: Suck Along the Hips
  • 15: Shower Kiss
  • 16: Spooning
  • 17: Naked massage
  • 18: Pearl Necklace
  • 19: Hand job
  • 20: Any of the Above
  • 21: Oral Sex

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